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My first skins uploaded.
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 | 10:30 PM | 0Comment

This is my first skins I had updated in blogskins.com.Actually I had register blogskins account before but I just keep it so many days ago.I thought cannot count by days haha..Ok,because of I really love this design but I can't leave my Naruto so that I decided to change back my Naruto style and upload it as my first skins.If anyone love it and interested to use,you may take it.Haha.. let it be my apologize of changing design.

其實這個皮膚我是很喜歡的,只是因為我太過不捨得火影的緣故造成我在想盡辦法把這個皮膚換下來。可是如今,我已經弄好了我的皮膚。可是我覺得很多人比較喜歡我這個設計,所以為了回饋[?]我就把它發佈到BS的網站去了。老早以前就已經有了BS的賬號,只是本人記性不好忘光光了哈哈,最近才想起啊哈哈..嗯,如果親們想要用的話就抱走吧哈哈XDD 這就當做我的贖罪吧!


Below just a short diaries,ignorance is allowed.
*Naruto is my life,my life full of Naruto.If not it,I would not been inspired.Naruto really teach and change me a lot.Before 2014,I had a lot of idea for designing my blog such as Lavender,Eiffel Tower,Fashion brand and Trouble Maker.For Trouble Maker,I usually change to this theme when troublemaker had sold up their new album.When I use French style design,my heart had felt Luxury is so fantastic and France is the one where I want go there the most.I aspired for it so that I had put it up in my blog.But,now when I watch back Naruto,what I know is not only love the games and also the personality of every characters.For an instance,Uchiha Itachi is the one of the characters I love the  most.If someone know me,they may know how insane I am when I heard Itachi name or his deed.So,Naruto is the one I love it till inextricable!

Okay,I know everyone call me childish or tomboy because of loving Naruto.But,for manga lover may understand how I feel.Naruto is not only anime,it bring many moral values and fortitude.You see,everyone never expected [except somebody already know his history] he can be strongest and become 7th Hokage.But his effort and his attitude make him let impossible become real.We can also learn the good attitude from him right?A good brother Uchiha Itachi want make Sasuke become stronger,he just sacrifice himself and caused revenged by Sasuke and dead.Then,Sasuke feel sorry and guilt when he heard how his brother take care about him,how much he pay off for Konoha,Uchiha and himself.As you see,this kind of good man is already extinct right? So that's why I love Itachi the most!

Well,my nonsense had been stopped.So,good luck to everyone and keep going to achieve a good life.

Hello !

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