Viet Nam trip 2015

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Hello from Jane.I would like to share my journey to all of you.Actually it is because my daddy's iCloud storage was full.So,I have to share numerous of my photos on my blog so that I got some place to store my lovely photo.Those photos are captured by my older cell phone (iPhone4).Camera quality are not quite good.Hope my readers do not mind with it and I apologise to you all at first.There are around 100++ photos uploaded at here.I will spent some time to manage my photos first.Therefore there will be some update by adding some caption for each photos.Thank you.

At first,I introduced how my Viet Nam trip was going on last year.I went Viet Nam for 2 weeks.We spent 4 days 3 nights at Da Nang is considered a part of Central of Viet Nam.My Daddy's working place where near to Ho Chi Minh city is at the South of Viet Nam.How we went to Da Nang?We set off to Da Nang from Ho Chi Minh by flight.The journey took around 1 hour.During these 2 weeks,we brought our relatives and friends to visit some place where tourists should go.So,those place I had shown below.Just having a look.^^

PS:those photos just 1/4 part of our trip.More photos will be uploaded soon..

很久沒有更新日記了,至於之前去旅行都沒有把照片放上部落格。最近爸爸的iCloud容量滿了,所以才會想辦法幫爸爸刪掉一些照片。可是不捨得刪掉照片的我嘛,就只好把照片放上部落格,讓部落格來幫我收納照片了。首先我先放的照片是2015年12月的越南之旅,以下的照片是我電話拍下的,所以當然以下的照片並不代表所有越南之旅的照片。之後的照片我會去媽媽的面子書那裡偷拿過來XDD 我現在只是會先放照片,之後我才會再慢慢更新,可能得空的時候就會給每個圖片加點解說。

At KLIA,在吉隆坡國際機場

When we are on flight, 在機廠時,

We arrived at Ho Chi Minh city,我們到了胡志明市,

Snapping a Vietnamese beauty secretly,

Night scenes at Ho Chi Minh city, 胡志明市的夜景,

Oldest Hotel in Dong Khoi

During our Da Nang trip, 峴港之旅,

Captured at Hotel,there was a beach in Hotel where we stayed.

Two photos below captured at restaurant in Hoi An where we had lunch.

Hoi An attraction,

After our Da Nang trip,we went to Ho Chi Minh city.

Vietnamese meals shown below

Going to supermarket and we bought some snacks from Lotteria
去超市買東西 順便買lotteria雞塊來吃XDD

Ho Chi Minh city.
Ben Thanh Market at right side,Photo at left side located beside Ben Thanh market,there is a restaurant which is popular in selling Pho and traditional food.

Post office,


The shopping where most often we went,of course we bought Tous les Jours's bread.

Opera house,

Tim Dou Tac,Chinese restaurant in Viet Nam
老鼠愛大米shown at the right side.

Vivo city in Viet Nam shown below,

Elisa cruise shown below, 

I found this frame in Daddy's room.

When we having dinner (my fav Italian's meal.) and getting around to Vung Tau.

While waiting for Daddy get off from work..Playing games haha

We celebrated our Christmas Day at Ho Chi Minh,yeah !!!

Updating soon..

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