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Hello everyone.Here is Jane speaking erhmm actually is typing but don't care about this haha..
It has been a long time not posting anything here.I was quite busy since I enter form 6 and also chose to play Online Game.But now I was quite regret why I spent too much time on this Online game.It really waste a lot of time.It make me distracted from what I suppose to do it well.Because of that,it drive my Sem 1 results become worse.Therefore,I try to tell myself to prepare well for Sem2 exam.I still spend my time on this Online Game but I will revise all subjects I took when free time.Although I still got study well,but procrastination is really a bad habit for me.But,my sem2 results (not the real exams but school tests) have a huge difference if compared to sem1 exam.

I just finish the formal sem2 examination.After examination,I have a strong feeling about to quit my game.So today is the second day that I don't touch game.Hopefully I can persist until forever ...

I have 2 weeks holidays,so I would like to use this 2 weeks to revise back my sem1 lesson due to bad result of sem1 exam.Fortunately there is a repeat system for STPM so that any students who do not satisfied their results may retake it in order to do it well.So,I have to try harder!Besides,I also wanna to update my blog so I choose to update one of the best memory during form 6 life.There are quite many things happen in Form 6 life.

What is the best memory for my form 6 life? One of it is going to KL for the purpose of  searching our Pengajian Am's assignment materials but the goal of us are going there for having fun.. Teachers also enjoyed in this trip although we supposed to find out the materials.But we accomplished this purpose too at University of Mara Technology Malaysia.Then,our class are going there all together !Actually one class cannot have too much students for going to this trip,but we try to request but it succeeds.

Ok,let's our journey begin! At the first day,we reach school at 11pm.Yes,it is night.We waited for bus at school.We all are wearing T-shirt and also trousers (casual)


We are wearing T-shirt which bought from Audrey because we would like to support her mum's friends son who is an autism for buying his beautiful artwork.Karen and Ke Xin chose mouse while Audrey and me chose rabbit.So we are rabbit and mouse chums haha

Welfie of chum,the girl who is wearing blue T-shirt is Harshinie.One of the chum member XDD

Therefore,we set off to KL by around 12:30am.Before we reached our first destination,we have to go to R&R at Seremban for preparing ourself like tidying up ourself.Brushing teeth,taking shower and so on la~ haha..
Photo 1 which snapped at R&R Seremban.

Photo 2 which snapped at R&R Seremban.

Therefore we arrived our first destination at 8am.Our first destination is Putrajaya~ The place where government and political departments located at.So,we visited to SPRM (Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia).Do you all know where it is and what is the purpose for establishing this department ?XDD It should be very easy to know haha

Photo 1 snapped at Putrajaya with classmates.

Photo 2 snapped at Putrajaya with chum.

Photo 3 snapped at Putrajaya with chum.

Photo 4 snapped at Putrajaya by my chum.
Photo 5: Thanks to SPRM for providing us breakfast

Photo 6:The whole class group photo

Therefore,we set off to the next destination where is Istana Negara.Palace of our country.It is the oldest palace where our first Majesty King and Queen lived at.

Photo 1:we jump high together and including Aaron too haha

Photo 2:scenery of Istana Negara.

Photo 3:Chum help me to snap my own photo.

Photo 4: Another nice photo captured by my friend.I love this photo so much because the scenery at the my back can see the whole KL view.Actually not the whole KL but can see the signature building especially KLCC and KL Tower.

Photo 5: Outer view of the palace with a student is waking around.

Photo 6 : Inside the palace.

Photo 7 : We gathered together for colouring.

Photo 8 : Acting pose.

Photo 9 
Photo 10 : Whole class's back side

Photo 11:Chum photo

Photo 12: Chum fighters ?

Photo 13: The whole class group photo

Photo 14:The whole class group photo

Photo 15:The whole class group photo

Photo 16:The whole class group photo

Photo 17:The whole class group photo

After that,we are heading to KLCC! It's shopping time for us ~ I felt happy but sad too because we dont have enough time to shop the whole KLCC.One of the thing that make me felt regret is not buying a cone of Godiva ice-cream.I know it is much ridiculous that a cone of Chocolate need to cost RM22 something.But,I was quite materialistic so I really have a strong decision to buy it even though it is so expensive.At that time,I wish my mum can stay by side so she of course will buy me this.But it had passed so just let it go and do not care that much.

Photo 1 snapped at KLCC.Personal photo.

Photo 2 : mirror selfie.

Photo 3 : Suddenly felt hungry so I decided to come here for buying some cake.

Photo 4 : So I bought Toffee muffin.

Photo 5: Here is the place for us to listen to Opera.Don't you all think that the pattern of lights above are so nice ?

Photo 6 : Grand piano on stage.

Photo 7:The whole class group photo

Photo 8:Welfie of our class

After that,we went to Shah Alam,i-City.There is really nothing special for us to see because we reach there very late.So what we had fun at there is a group of us bought tickets for playing bumper car.Then,the whole class are playing together.Since everyone actually felt tired at that time,not so many photos had taken so just this one scenery photo..

Photo 1:Scenery at i-City.Seem like nobody wanna to play Ferris wheel because of some of them are Acrophobia (?

After that,we went to Hotel and take a rest.Therefore of course we slept lately because the whole class are playing games together.We played werewolf.We are so excited at that time to guess who is the werewolf XDD Besides,we also brought so much of snacks so that at that time we eat a lot.Actually we also eat a lot in the bus when wait for going to next place.So,I forget what is the accurate time that we slept.

It came to the second day,we check out from Hotel.It is much boring time for all of us because we are proceeding to the place where is the main purpose of this trip organised.We are going to UiTM for searching our PA assignment's materials.So,we are going to the library for searching the information.Books,reports and also research that done by the students there.Before going to library,the managers at UiTM brought us to visit the whole UiTM.

Photo 1: face expression represents that there are not so much materials as we expected to do the PA assignment.

Photo 2 : Karen and me.UiTM also provided gaming course ! The one who felt interesting in gaming can come here for studying.

Then,next destination is going to IKEA Damansara but we all also went to shopping centre at the opposite side of IKEA which is called as The Curve if I not mistaken.

Photo 1 snapped at The Curve.There are so much of restaurants accumulated in a street.

Photo 2 snapped in front of the Curve building.

Photo 3 snapped at outside of IKEA Damansara.

Photo 4 : my selfie with IKEA building.

Photo 5 : Class group photo.

There will be more photos updating soon.. Stay tuned.

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