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Saturday, September 1, 2018

My Journaling Stuffs

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My Journaling Stuffs
[ Bilingual | 双语 ]
I’ve been obsessed with journaling since I discovered some of the stunning studygram. I was really inspired by these studygram. So I tried out my own way of journaling and it turned out not bad for me (? Firstly, I would like to give a thanks to my friends who gave me compliments although I still not really be confident in myself. With all of the encouragement and compliments, I would like to share some of the tips about what did used for decorating my journal and also some stationary that I used. 


Firstly, a neat study desk is very important for starting the habit of journaling ! I gathered all of my stationary together by using all kind of reusing stuffs to fulfill the habit of recycling. For instance, I put my highlighters and pens into two Starbucks Venti size paper cups. For the decoration on wall, I was inspired by the studyblr which look really nice ! It attracted me to do so ㅎㅎ You may search on Google by just typing Tumblr Study Desk. May these eye candies inspired you to tidy up and decorate your desk in your own style !

一个干净的书桌也扮演十分重要的角色哟!我将所用的文具用一些能再循环但不失美丽的用具来摆放,以达成环保的概念。例如说,我把所有的文具都放在星巴克纸杯里。还有墙上的装饰,我都是参考Studyblr提供的照片来简单装饰。你可以上Google搜索Tumblr Study Desk. 你就会看到很多各式各样简单但漂亮的房间装饰,你也可以参考他们的方式来让你的房间变得更加整齐漂亮呢!

Let's move on to introduce what kind of stationary did I used now ! 

Gel Pen
These are the Gel pens that I usually used. I highly recommended these pens for all of you. The quality is pretty good and very smooth to write. It’s also not easily get dried up even you drop your pens. 

Firstly I would like to introduce MUJI Gel Pen. I’m not only bought 0.5mm but also 0.38mm as well. 
The Japanese MUJI Gel Ink Pen features an ink prevention mechanism which stops ink from flowing in the wrong direction and prevents any breaks in the writing line or ink leakage. Its aqueous pigment ink also reduces ink bleeding into the paper.
So this is why I think I love MUJI Gel Pen so much. Where you can find this ? I bought it from many places. I bought from MUJI branch at Singapore, Taiwan,Thailand and Malaysia. I prefer to buy at Malaysia because of the rate. You can find this in any MUJI branch at KL like KLCC, Pavilion and Mid Valley. So far MUJI branches only can be found at KL. I hope there will be more branches available at other states since there are so many people obsessed with MUJI.

要跟大家介绍的是这个超好用的无印良品水性笔. 我买了0.5的,还有0.38mm的。笔头部分採用防止墨水逆流的构造,減低断墨的情況发生。水性颜料令书写順滑、发色鲜艳。重点是,它与众不同的是,即使被淋湿了,依然不会影响字迹的呈现。跟大家说个好笑的事情,那就是我所买的这些水性笔,都在新加坡,泰国,台湾及马来西亚买过。但是,我个人还是推荐在马来西亚买就好,因为兑换率的关系,在马来西亚买会比较便宜。无印良品的分店呢,只可以在KL找到。比如,KLCC, Pavilion 或是 Mid Valley等等

我是觉得既然都很多人都挺喜欢无印良品,为何不在其他州属开一间分行呢 ?

I forgot to tell, it costs RM3.90 for one. You can find it in any Muji's branch.


Beside, we have our Pilot G2 Gel Pen which I think most of you are familiar with these pens. I bought these which the writing tips are 0.5mm. Since I use blue and black pens frequently, so I prefer Pilot G2 Gel Pen because it provide great amount of ink. I can use it within around two or three months. So I’ve recommended it to my friends.

You can find it also at Popular, one costs RM5.30. But I usually buy refills and one of it costs RM3.70.

还有要介绍的是这个很普遍但还是要介绍的Pilot G2 Gel Pen。我买的是0.5mm的,因为蓝笔及黑笔的使用频率非常高,所以我会比较想要买这两支笔,因为他的笔墨很多,可以使用很久,大约两三个月这样都用不完呢。但是,使用频率过高的话就应该只能撑最多两个月?因为这个笔好用的关系,所以我会推荐给我朋友用。

一样能够在大众书局找到,一支的价格是RM5.30. 但我是买他的Refill,一个是RM3.70唷!


Other than that, I bought another two pens which are White and Metallic Silver in color. These pens are mainly used for glittering and decorating. Writing tips are 0.7mm.
It’s Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen - 0.7mm. The smooth writing and exceptional ink quality make my journal and lettering design turn out so well. You can find it also at Popular, one costs RM4.50.

另外,我还有买两个专用于设计的白色及银色水性笔,那就是 Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen - 0.7mm.


Brush Pens
Next, let’s move on to what kind of brush pens that I’ve bought.

I also love these Tombow dual brush pens.
Flexible brush tip is so good for those who are interested in calligraphy. You can create any kind of strokes that you prefer depends on the pressure you applied. 
There are flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker. Brush tip works like paintbrush to create fine, medium and bold strokes ; fine tips give consistent lines. The water-based ink is blendable and the resilient nylon brush retains it’s point stroke after stroke. This would be best for artists and crafters. 96 colors are available including a colorless blender for shading.
  • Ideal for coloring, fine art, illustrations, hand lettering, doodling, journal and even more.
  • Water-based ink
  •  Blendable 
  • Tips self-cleaning after blending
  • Odorless.
Again, this is available at Popular. It costs RM9.90. 
10% discount would give to Popular’s members.

我也特别喜欢这个Tombow dual brush pens. 
  • 全色系96色 (95彩色及N00 blender调色笔) 
  • 水性颜料,色彩饱和度高 
  • 可利用两支笔的笔尖互相混色及调色,能达到生动的渐层效果 
  • 适合各类型手作:手作卡片、 插画、漫画、人体彩绘等 
  • 可用于彩绘印章 墨水为无毒、无酸、无味


So here’s another brush pens that I’m in love with.
This is quite different from Tombow dual Brush Pens. It would give a more sharp and thin line. But it would give a different result when you slightly adjust the pressures. But it still turned out well !
Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen.

This is an excellent felt tip fude brush pen that can be used to draw sharp fine lines approximately 0.5mm wide, or by adjusting the angle and pressure applied to the pen a thick line approximately 2.0mm wide.
It has a lightweight plastic body that matches the ink colour with a glitter finish to it. They are available in 12 vibrant water based dye ink colors : Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, Violet, Yellow and Yellow Orche.

You can find this in Popular too, one for RM4.90
Extra 10% discount would be given to those who are Popular’s members.
来介绍另个与上一个介绍的较不同的毛笔。那就是Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen.



Mildliner highlighter.
 I love these because of the softy colors look so comforting. Japan imported Mildliners feature a unique range of colors which show softy on paper. I love it so much because of the highlighter is double-sided with broad tip and fine tip. So, you can either highlight or underline finer lines.

You can get it at Popular which costs RM5.40. 
You may get 10% discount when you have Popular’s member card.



Sticky Notes

I got these two cute sticky notes which I could used it for decorating my journal.

我也会用这两个可爱的Sticky Notes来设计我的手账唷!

Masking tapes

Here’s my Washitape collection. I’m super obsessed with all kind of pretty masking tapes which would make my journal to be more attractive.


These are Kakao Friends’ masking tape which I bought from Korea. 

在韩国的Kakao Friends周边专卖店买的。

I highly recommended you guys to buy anything you like in TaoBao. TaoBao is actually online shopping platform from China. The things in TaoBao are high quality and inexpensive but you need to check everything well before purchasing.


Friends sent me these masking tapes to me as gift. Thank you so much !


Memo pads

Except Winnie The Pooh memo pads, the others are bought from Korea. I bought Seventeen’s and the one full of Korean which is used for recording your daily health management. There are a lot of exquisite stuffs and also K-pop idols' merchandises in Korea which look freaking nice. If can, I really want to buy a lot ..

除了小熊维尼的,其他的便笺备忘录都是从韩国买回来的。一个是Seventeen的而另一个则是全部写着韩语的‘每日健康管理’。在韩国有卖精致以及超多各式各样K-pop idols的商品。若可以的话,真的很想买一大堆回来。


Adorable and worthy stickers got on TaoBao.


Not only stickers but also bought some decorative patterns papers. I also gathered some stamps from different nations.


These are the stationary haul I got from Ewha Womans University. It look really nice and cute to me !



So these all are the stuffs that I'm using for journaling and studying. I hope this post would give you some inspiration and also a brief guidance for what kind of stationary should you buy. If you have any questions or anything would like to share, leave a comment below and I'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading ! Appreciated !


Monday, August 27, 2018

Appreciated for everything.

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Appreciated for everything.
[ Bilingual | 双语 ]

Hello everyone. It has been a long time that I didn't wrote about my life thoughts in my blog. I would like to conclude some of the best things happened in this year. 2018 is a year that full of pleasant surprises. I'm enjoying in this year because I can do everything whatever I want ! I really harvested a lot this year. Not only could do things that I desired and also plenty of wishes came true. I'm genuinely appreciated for everything I've received and also felt extra grateful to my parents who made my wishes came true in such a short time. With all of the loves and good things, I will put on more efforts to make myself better, to be a person who can actually have confidence in herself. So.. let's me share you the good things that happened on me. If you had something good happened in your life, why not share it to me also by leaving a comment below ? Let's check it out !

大家好(๑╹◡╹)ノ” 好久没写关于生活上的一些点点滴滴。那我想借由这个帖子来总结一下一些今年发生在我生活中一些惊喜。首先,我觉得我在这个2018年过得还蛮开心,很享受。很多很美好的事情发生在这一年,也可以在这一年做我想要做的事情。很多愿望也都在短短的这把个月内实现了,我真心感激这些带给我生活美好的一切。我真的心存感激,真的特别感恩。我会好好地努力,不只在学业上出色,同时也要成为一个比之前更好的自己,也会让自己成为一个充满自信的女生!那... 接下来我将要分享这些惊喜给大家。如果你也和我一样,那不妨也一起在下方评论,一起分享喜悦吧!

As some of you know, I'm a STPM 2016/17 batch candidate. I've been struggling to fight for my examination. I came through a lot of ups and downs. If some of you read this post ( Thoughts about STPM and UPU ), you will know that I'm actually not really good at studying. Maybe I'm kind of clumsy girl. I need to pay extra efforts to make my study well. Some more, I'm the one who is easily get distracted by all kind of recreation. It cause me to cultivate my bad habit - procrastination. 

或许有些亲故知道我是STPM 2016/17届的考生。老实说,中六生涯还挺坎坷的,算是经历了不少风风雨雨(? 但也其实充满了无数欢乐。如果你们有看过我这篇 Thoughts about STPM and UPU 的话,你会知道其实我不是很厉害读书的学生。我是比较笨拙的女孩o(╥﹏╥)o 需要付出比别人多的努力才能够维持我的学业。再加上,我算是很容易受其他娱乐的东西影响,同时也培养了我的坏习惯——拖延。

Making journaling as my daily routine. 
So in order to get rid of procrastination, I started to make journal from January. I was inspired by lots of studyblr and studygram. Before entering 2018, I also tried out the studygrammers' method to study during Sem 3. I found out this study method was quite comforting because not only spending more time in studying but also stimulated my sense of art. I love studying with the notes that I did with beautiful decoration. It also make myself spending more time on revision. Therefore, my Sem 3 result was way better than Sem 1 and Sem 2.


Journaling is a good way for me to avoid procrastinating. Bullet journal is on trend now. I guess quite a lot of people were inspired and started making their own journal ! I'm also one of them ! But.. what is bullet journal actually ? The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It can be in different kinds based on your creativity and also inspiration. I've done different types of bullet journaling and I will show you later on. Besides, I've also bought a lot of pretty stationary. Making the whole journal look pretty and aesthetically with these stuffs can make myself healing. So I'm a big fans of masking tapes and stickers now !! I guess I need to show you all my artworks ! Stay tuned..

所以学习写手账不但是培养你一个自律的好习惯,同时也能够改掉拖拉的坏习惯。我想现在越来越多人喜欢写手账了吧!我也肯定不例外。那手账呢,能够有多元化的设计。可以根据自己的创意及想象力,精心设计出专属你独特艺术的日记。让它变成一个精美的‘艺术品’的同时,也能够记录你生活的点点滴滴,你也可以清楚了解每一天你都做到了些什么。我也在利用了各种不同的因素,个人创意以及其他Studygrammers的Inspiration来设计我的手账。除此之外,我也买了不少的精美文具,胶带以及贴纸来让我的手账看起来更精致。利用这些文具将手账设计得漂亮真的特别疗愈,心情真的会变得非常好!我觉得我应该要给你们看看我的杰作.. 尽请期待!

I scored CGPA 3.00 in my STPM examination.
Secondly, STPM result released. I'm blessed with 3.00 pointer which is totally an average score. It’s not a really good pointer but also not bad ... ? Although I did well in Sem 3, still Sem 1 and Sem 2 results ruined my whole pointer. But, I'm feeling grateful for the pointer I received because Form 6 pathway was not easy.. Hard work not even would paid off when it comes to STPM. Grading system of MPM still question me till now. I felt I will score better but in the end, the result was much worse than I expected. I'm ready for getting mental breakdown after knowing result of the subjects that I'm exactly not confident with. But it turns out good !? Just like my Sem 3 Biology. I never scored A- for Biology during Form 6 but it happened on Sem 3. This A really saved my Biology whole pointer. It gives me hope to keep furthering my study in biology related field. Since I've posted my thoughts about STPM so I won't penning too much here. Thanks God for repaying me with this pointer !

STPM成绩放榜了,我获得了3.00 这个分数真的是不上不下,说特别好又不是;说不好也不是特别不好…(⊙_⊙;)…虽然第三学期的成绩还算不错,但是第一和第二学期的分数真的还是影响到了我的整体分数。但是,我还是要非常珍惜这个分数,因为我知道中六生涯并非那么简单。即使努力了,也不一定会得到回报。至于中六考卷的批改系统,到现在还是抱有怀疑。怎么说?就是你觉得你成绩会考得好的时候,但是知道成绩后,那成绩却不是你想象中的那么好,而且差得会令人崩溃。而你觉得你完全没有把握考好的科目,却意外地考得不错。比如说我第三学期的Biology好了,我的Biology从来没有在中六生涯中拿过A-.但却在第三学期时拿到了A-. 这个A-真的拯救到了我生物整体的分数,燃起了我还能够朝有关生物方面发展的希望。若有兴趣的话,可以点击这个网址:https://jane-seng-diary.blogspot.com/2018/03/thoughts-about-stpm-and-upu.html了解更多我在中六生涯的经历。总而言之,我要感谢上天赐予我这个分数!

Half day trip to Kulai

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Eve Celebration

I worked in a familiar and friendly environment.
Yeah, I worked at Smart Reader Kids again as a assistant teacher. I used to work there before entering Form 6. So I’m really familiar with the working environment and also colleagues. Colleagues are so caring. They treated me really well and quite concerned about my study. They gave me a lot of advice as they hope I could further my study smoothly. I worked happily in such a relieved environment. Some more, principle treated me so well also ㅎㅎ I guess I couldn’t find any good working place as this anymore in future. So hmm wish me luck .. Thanks to my beloved principle, colleagues and also kids. I still can remember how you guys shouted my name vividly. I won’t forget every single one of you. They might be naughty but actually they’re easily to deal with compared to primary school students ...

我又在以前曾工作过的幼儿园当个助教了。在还未踏入中六生涯之前,我也在这幼儿园当了几个月的助教。所以我对这工作环境及同事已算是特别熟悉的了。这里的同事都很好,很关心人。他们都对我蛮好的,也特别关心我的升学情况。他们给了我不少的劝告,希望我能够在我升学之路走得顺利。我在这样的环境下工作,算是蛮开心的。再加上,院长也很善待我(#^.^#) 我觉得在未来应该也很难找到这样的工作环境。所以,祝我好运吧O(∩_∩)O哈哈~ 非常感谢院长,老师以及可爱的小朋友们。我到现在仍然清晰地记得你们一直喊叫着我名字的画面,我真的不会忘记你们的。虽然顽皮,但比起小学生,更是容易安抚多了。

I traveled to Vietnam, China and South Korea in a week.
Thirdly, one of my dream came true ! I've visited to Korea in this year!!! I would like to thanks my mummy so much because she was the one who brought us there !! I'm also managed to visit to Beijing before going to Seoul. But how I traveled to three countries in such a short time ? Actually I visited to Vietnam for many times since my daddy works there. So we went to Vietnam just for meeting my daddy. Shortly, we set off to Beijing at midnight. My mum found out that the flight fly to Beijing and Korea from Vietnam was way cheaper than flying from Malaysia It was because of the short duration. Some more, there are a lot of transferring flights during our trip. Luckily we had a layover at Beijng. Otherwise, we won't discovered how amazing Beijing is. That’s why our flight ticket was cheaper yet worthy !! Unfortunately, our flight to Seoul from Beijing delayed, that's why we can't enjoy ourselves so much in Seoul.

In a short time, I traveled to two different countries. The ticket flying to Vietnam from Malaysia wasn’t really expensive. So that’s why my mum decided to set off from Vietnam. Yeah, connecting flight costs cheaper although it is super troublesome and tiring. It might cause some problem also. Like us, our luggage lost during the time we flied back to Saigon. Before going back to Saigon, we need to transfer our flight from Seoul to Guangzhou. So we assumed that maybe they dropped our luggage at Guangzhou .Luckily we found it.



The forbidden City • 故宫

The Great Wall of China • 八达岭长城

Bird Nest ( National Stadium ) · 鸟巢 (国家体育场)

Water Cube • 水立方

Tiananmen Square • 天安门广场

Zhengyangmen • 正阳门

Wangfujing street • 王府井大街

Beijing is a city that full of UNESCO Heritage Sites, it broaden my horizons of vision and gained knowledge about Chinese histories. You can feel yourself teleport to Qing Dynasty especially I visited to Qian Men streets. Not only the historical atmosphere but Beijing city had developed into a more modernized country. You can feel that China springs up in all kind of aspects. Beijing is a city that full of historical sites, I can't managed to visit it all in such a short days. I would probably like to visit to there again. But.. people's attitudes there were still pretty bad. I hope they can be more polite, at least foreigners like us won't considered China people as the rudest people in all around the world. But still I met a lot of China people who are really friendly and kind.



Beijing Itinerary 北京旅游日记

Wangfujing street 王府井大街:

The Forbidden City 故宫:

Great Wall of China :万里长城 

Beijing Olympic Park 北京奥林匹克公园

Tiananmen Square & Zhengyangmen 天安门广场&正阳门


경복궁 • Gyeongbokgung • 景福宫

N서울타워 • N Seoul Tower • 南山首尔塔

이화여대 • Ewha Women’s University • 梨花女子大学

Ewha Shopping Distinct • 梨大商圈

[ 홍대 • HongDae ] 라이언카페 • Ryan Cafe 

명동 • Myeongdong • 明洞

For Korea, everything look good for me since I'm Korea sick lover. I heard of people said that Korea isn't good as you imagine. People at Korea can be quite rude also. But when we visited to Korea, people was quite friendly and polite. What amazed me was plenty of Chinese work in Korea. Even Korean can speak Chinese fluently than English ... Instead of trying to speak Korean, I spoke Chinese oftenly during our trip. I'm also amazed by all Korean looks. Korean girls dressed really stylish, elegant and freaking pretty. Most of them put on their Korean trendy make up which looks really comforting. For Oppa, seriously all of them look really stylish and neat. They all just look alike as the K-pop idols. They all look so tall, cool, neat and you know what ? Their skin color is even whiter than mine !!! I'm pretty ashamed that I'm just looked like a potato among them. So, this tell me the importance of styling. Their style inspired me a lot also ! Next, the food !! It is super tasty than every Korean Restaurants in Malaysia. The authentic Korean foods are super duper scrumptious !!! I'm still can't resist how tasty the foods are. Topoki, fried pig cutlet, Bibimbap.. sure I will turn on crazy mode when I want to talk about Korea. Things in Korea all look so exquisite and beautiful, I just want to buy it all back !! Due to lacking of time, we didn't managed to buy a lot of things but bought a lot of pretty stationary ... since my eyesight was good at spotting stationary. ( What a nonsense ) If I would like to visit to Korea next time, sure I will buy their skincare and cosmetic product HAHAHAA... In conclusion, Korea just look everything fine to me HAHAHAHAH....

对于我这个哈韩的人来说,我喜欢韩国的所有一切。我也有听过很多人说过其实韩国并不是想象中的那么好,韩国人其实也很没有礼貌的。不过我们来到韩国的时候,遇到的人都还挺好的,也特别有礼貌!最令我惊讶的是,好多中国人来到韩国上班啊!而且也有蛮多韩国人会说中文,说得还比英语流利啊!与其尝试学习说韩语,我还更是在韩国说中文较多。我也特别喜欢韩国人的打扮!无论是男生还是女生们,打扮风格不仅是特别时髦,而且看起来也感觉特别舒服!重点是오빠们,又高又瘦又白,潮流打扮看起来更像是K-pop idol啊!看到韩国人们的打扮,还挺自卑自己不怎么打扮自己。简单的打扮就能够让自己变得帅气漂亮,怪不得韩式妆容以及韩式打扮已成为了一种流行。简单但不失大方美丽。还有韩国的食物真的超级无敌好吃的,比本地韩国餐厅的食物好吃多了!正宗韩国料理味道真的非常好,无论是辣炒年糕、石锅拌饭、炸猪排等等之类的美食真的会让人垂涎三尺。说到韩国,整个人真的会疯狂起来了哈哈… 韩国卖的东西也特别精致美丽,化妆品以及护肤品我就不说了,韩国的文具更是看得我都想通通买回家!因为行程太匆忙,没什么时间逛街买东西。但我还是有买到了不少文具。下次有机会再来,一定会买更多东西回家!哈哈…


Seoul Itinerary 首尔旅游日记

Hong Dae & Myeongdong 弘大&明洞

Kakao Friends Store • Ryan Cafe

Ewha Womans University 梨花女子大学

N Seoul Tower 南山首尔塔

Gyeongbokgung 景福宫

Self-learning Korean and Japanese.
Oh yeah.. I also started learning Korean and Japanese from the beginning of the year. So I would like to give a try since I've visited to Korea. Luckily I can understand most of Korean the staffs spoke and also they can understand what I'm saying. Just.. they can straightway realized that I'm a foreigner since I spoke Korean without their local accents. I heard the staffs were discussing about my nationality. "Is she a Chinese ?" I felt it really funny and ashamed at the same time..... But.. it is impossible for people won't laugh at you when you want to speak a language that you're not familiar with. Learning language can be also quite struggling especially you are not living in an environment where people do speak foreign languages. There are plenty of obstacles in learning, all you need to do to train your language learning ability is to try and also conquer the fear of speaking. Learning language also need your interest and persistence. It can be easily to lose your persistence especially when you come to higher level. But nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and also keep persisting to learn it. You can be very fast to master it. And.. if you really love these languages, immersed yourself with the k-dramas and k-pop songs. Actually I learn a lot through watching Korea variety shows and also listening to K-pop songs. You can actually try to sing K-pop songs to learn pronunciation and also getting more familiar with Korean alphabets. Japanese is way harder because of Kanji. For those who can understand Chinese, it won't be a problem for you to guess the meaning of it but pronunciation. Its pronunciation is totally different from Chinese. Sentence structure is also way more complicated than Korean. So I've a hard time to learn Japanese. But I trust that with passion and persistence, I can master it well in future !

从今年一月开始,我就开始了自学韩语与日语的习惯。所以,我特别想要尝试在韩国的时候,学习说韩语。但学习语言的前期可并不是那么容易!虽说大致上服务员简单的用语我是还能够理解一些,但是说话技巧可不是那么简单了。虽说我尝试用了韩语对话,但… 人家一听就马上知道我不是真正的韩国人,可能是我语气并不是特别正宗。服务员还窃窃私语和他的同事说:“她是不是中国人啊?”我听了,是觉得蛮好笑的同时也觉得挺丢脸,明明不怎么熟悉的外语还要硬硬逼自己说。不过,你在学习语言的过程时,不可能没人会笑你/矫正你。学习语言的同时也要学习克服障碍,毕竟语言并不是一两天就能够马上学会。而且我也并不是生活在一个讲韩语或日语的环境,要精通外语的时间也比一般有在这样的环境生活的人来得更长。所以,一旦有机会,就一定要勇敢克服害怕心理,勇敢地将你所学的韩语在这样的场合发挥。除此之外,学习语言最需要的因素还是坚持与兴趣。若你坚持做一份你喜欢的事情,那你就一定会成功!坚持真的很重要,特别是你到了越来越难的课题。有了坚持到底的心志,没有任何事情是不可能做到的。如果你也和我一样喜欢韩语的话,也可以尝试多看韩剧,综艺节目以及多听韩语歌。听韩语歌的同时,你也可以尝试跟着音乐学唱韩语歌,练一练韩语的发音。至于日语的话,我认为他会比韩语困难一些。虽说他有汉字,你多少能够猜得出他的意思,但是说话可就难了。毕竟日语汉字读法与中文的可大大不同啊!句子结构方面也比韩语来得复杂一些,自学日语真的还挺艰难的。不过我相信,只要我对日语有热衷,坚持学习下去,在未来我一定能够精通日语的!

I further my Bachelor Degree to UTM, and I got Industrial Biology course.
Lastly, my UPU result came out on 31st of July 2018. I was super nervous because I don't know where I will be sent to. So I kept myself calm and browse the UPU Online to see the result.

最后,UPU也在七月三十一日放榜了。我超级无敌紧张的,因为我完全不懂我自己会被派到哪里去读书。所以,我尽量让自己保持冷静,点开了UPU Online的网址。

Well, I'm freaking shocked when I saw this result. I kept jumping in my room and felt really happy to myself because I managed to enter one of the top Uni in Malaysia - UTM where it is also just nearby my house. So I won't need to fly to another state to further my degree study. I'm also blessed with giving me Industrial Biology course. I could further my study again in biology field. My family also felt happy for me because of getting an ideal Uni and course. Thanks UTM for giving a chance to me. I won't disappoint you and also show you my potential !! I will use my best and efficient way to score well in my degree study. Besides, I had three Form 6 classmates got the same course and uni with me. So we are the coursemates after entering Uni. Four of us can form an assignment team ! Therefore, there are also another four classmates got the same Uni with us. One of them is my best friend : Ke Xin. She got the same course with my another classmate. I found out that we are so lucky in this year especially me and my friend - Ke Xin. We need to truly appreciate this chance and try our best to work hard ! Soon will starting a new journey,  may the Uni Life to mould myself to be a better person. Wish all my friends good luck in your study, and also good luck to my friends who are working hard ! Keep on going !


Friday, August 24, 2018

A short getaway with Seng Big Family

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A short getaway with Seng Big Family

Hello guys ! I’ve actually update plenty of itinerary for our past trips. You can have a look on my itineraries if you’re interested. More travel posts would be coming soon !

大家好。首先我要与大家分享的是,其实我最近一直都有在更新我之前旅游的贴文,但是我有把日期设置在旅游回来的后几天,所以就不会以最新帖子出现在首页。有兴趣你可以在navigation bar里hover 'travel'这个字眼,就会有出现一些地方名称,可以点击亲有兴趣的地点来看看哟!更多的旅游贴文会在不久之后陆续更新。

For this post, this is just a short trip spent with whole Seng Family. We went to Sekinchan on Saturday. ( 19/08/2018 ) It’s my very first time to be here. I’m quite surprised because I never thought it would be located at such isolated area. And .. I guess we chose the wrong period to visit there. It is super hot !! Under scorching sun, I guess I’ve tanned a little although I applied sun block ...  ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ 

这个贴文的主要内容呢,其实是与盛家大家庭一起在吉隆坡/雪兰莪简单度过的周末。我们在八月十九日(星期六)到了适耕庄走走。这是我第一次来到适耕庄,我还挺惊讶的是,没想到适耕庄竟然在那么偏僻的地点。而且,我觉得我们在中午时刻过来,真的是一个错误的选择。实在是太热了!!炽热的大太阳底下,我很肯定的是我已晒黑了... 即使我一擦了防晒。

Sekinchan is a small town on the west coast of Malaysia. It’s home to the Paddy Processing Factory, with a museum about the local rice industry. The elaborate Nan Tian Temple sits in one of the town's many rice fields. Near Redang Beach, the Wishing Tree is draped with red ribbons. Just south, the fishing village of Bagan has many seafood restaurants. The area is also a shelter for migratory birds, such as herons.
适耕庄,旧时又称食更青,也是适耕庄老前辈说的:适合耕种的地方。 适耕庄是马来西亚雪兰莪州北部的一个小镇,位于沙白安南县南端,是马来西亚主要的稻米生产区之一,滨海的海口村也出产渔获,因而有“渔米之乡”之称。 口水歌《赌仔自叹》唱歌提及“食更青,顶肚瘾”借此埠喩画饼充饥之意。

So actually Sekinchan village is a beach side village blessed with fertile soils. In Chinese, we call it as 适耕庄 (Shi Geng Zhuang)which means a village suitable for farming. A sea of luxurious paddy fields can be found in Sekinchan, it also attract people to enjoy the beauty of Sekinchan and also buy their rice. And .. Sekinchan has a tag line which call 鱼米之乡 (Yu Mi Zhi Xiang)means the village of fishes and rices.

Since I mentioned just now, this place is in a remote area. So you need to drive around 1.5 hour from KL. But.. it still a good choice for having a short getaway. You could try to escape the hustle and bustle, enjoy the nature views, try out their foods. Just strolling around Sekinchan and may its beauty takes your breath away.

This is our Big Seng Family. It’s rare that we could reunited without lacking anyone.


So these are what we called as Ah Suat’s grandson and granddaughters. Yeah, as you can see in this photo, these all are my cousins.


Sekinchan Wishing Tree. 许愿树

A tree that entangled with numerous red ribbons. People always make their wishes and throw it onto the tree. It is also a site that provides gorgeous backdrop of photos. An INSTA-WORTHY site ! haha..


So there are a lot of food and some souvenirs stalls around.


We chose a random food stall for having our lunch.


It look so yummy ! Unfortunately I didn't managed to take photos of another dishes.


Blue Tears 蓝眼泪

Pantai Redang 热浪海滩

Enjoying the panoramic view of Pantai Redang is a good choice but ... I guess we chose the wrong period. We reached there around 2pm.. It is super hot !! I don't know how I survive under scorching sun. The beach is actually pretty because you can find all kind of beautiful shells scattering on the beach. You can actually have some fun there.But in my opinion, the best time to visit there would be at dawn. You can also enjoy its sunset..

观赏全景热浪海滩也是来到适耕庄必体验之一。但是,最好在傍晚时间参观较好。我们到热浪海滩的时候是中午两点左右,真的是超级无敌热啊啊啊! 我不知道我怎么可以在那么炎热的天气生存... 但其实海滩还是算挺漂亮啦,特别是散在海滩上的贝壳更是为海滩做了些点缀。其实在傍晚来的时候,也可以在海边玩水,还挺不错的。

Paddy Fields 稻田

As you can see from the photo.. we chose the wrong period again to visit paddy field. They've harvested and replanted it. So we couldn't see the golden stretch of paddy fields.. But I'm still amazed of it since it is my very first to see Malaysia's paddy fields HAHAHA..


So we visited to manufacturing factory.


Craving something good..


Brown Rice dessert 糙米甜品

Matcha Ice-cream is always my favorite.


Let's go harvest ? haha.. 一起收割去吧!

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Kepong Night Market

So we also visit to one of the famous Night Market in Malaysia. There are a lot of unique delicacies and also some stuffs.


We had Thai cuisine for our breakfast. It is actually residential restaurant nearby my cousins' school (SMJK Chong Hwa) The foods are really delicious and the price was quite cheap.


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We visited to Sunway Velocity for shopping.

SPAO Malaysia

I can't resist how cute WE BARE BEARS are..

Doojoon is so handsome OMG !!

Pokemon roadshow.

Since KOI is not available in Johor, so I came here for giving a try.

What a coincidence that we met our cousins (大舅) here !!

My 大舅和舅母 brought my youngest sister to their accommodation for swimming. She was freaking happy ~

Family photo

Another coincidence was my mum met her friend. She was used to be my mum and 姑姑's colleague.

Hokkien Mee for lunch.