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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Seventeen Teen Age album.

Hi everyone. This is my very first time to make a unboxing blog. What I gonna unboxing is Seventeen's 2nd full album (Studio album) which named as Teen Age album. This album was released on November 6, 2017 by Pledis Entertainment with the lead single 'Clap.' To be honest, this is also my very first time to buy myself an album because I really love this album so I just can't control myself. When I received my parcel, I really happy to unbox it and capture so much of photos for this album. So I would like to share it by blogging.

Before I start blogging about my album, I would like to share some of the info about Seventeen. So I share the very specific info from Wiki for you guys.

Seventeen (Hangul: 세븐틴), also stylized as SEVENTEEN or SVT, is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of thirteen members divided into three sub-units, each with a different area of specialization: a 'Hip-Hop Unit', 'Vocal Unit', and 'Performance Unit'. Seventeen has released two studio albums and four extended plays. The group's members are deeply involved in the composition and production of their discography and choreography and have been since debut, which prompted their nickname as a "self-producing" idol group.

Since I'm very admire those who can compose songs, write songs,make choreograph and consist other talents. Seventeen got me like Wow, I freaking love this idol group. They show me what the talents they have. They do everything by them self. It must be very difficult for them before debut. You have to learn so much of things. For those who can't dance or sing very well, they have to be trained so hard during trainees life. I really can't imagine what kind of the trainees life they gonna to endure. Not only them but other korean idols too. I wanna say this to all Korean idols : "수고 했어, you did well."

So I received two things here, one is the CD album ( on your right side ) and another one is the booklet (on your left side ) which inside have the photo shots of them. Therefore, there is also a random card which is the group photo of them.

Therefore, inside the CD album,there is also one random folding poster, name stickers,  1 random portrait desktop stand which is the blue color one I got Dino and lastly is the random photocard which I got Wonwoo. Although my ultimate bias is JeongHan but it's ok. I'm happy also to get others members since I'm very greedy. When comes to choose a bias from others idols groups, it is hard for me to answer. For example, Super Junior, SHINee, Blackpink, Big Bang and so on. It must be super hardest question I need to answer.

By the way, I have to explain about why I choose JeongHan as my ultimate bias. Firstly is because of Mansae MV. His long purple hair attracts me the most. And I never know why a long hair can suit a man so much and he looks so handsome in long hair !! Although many fans said he looks like a girl in long hair. He tried so many kind of hairstyles. Every single hairstyles suit him so well. Maybe his visual is too good so any kind of hairstyle can suit him so well. So my most favorite long hair look of JeongHan is Mansae ver. as well as Seventeen Project ver. especially during performing 'No F.U.N' with 'Kingsman Concept' and he looks so hot and manly in suit !! And my most favorite short hair look of Jeong Han is during Don't Wanna Cry which he has a white hair and he definitely look like an angel !! ( His nickname is Angel due to his birth date is 1004 which in Korean means 천사[ Cheon Sa ]  of course he looks like angel XD ) and the next hairstyle is when he got a bob hair during Pretty U era. Btw I love every single hairstyle of Jeong Han but I just briefly choose the ultimate one haha.. When comes to talk about Jeong Han, sure I can write a long essay for it XDD

Last but not least, the posters are optional for this product, so sure I will like to get it also !

So these two posters were what I got. These two posters are freaking beautiful and awesome !

Now let's me introduce all the products one by one,

So I just open the album, inside have a CD and another side printed their photo shots.

The another side have an envelope, inside it have a lyrics book. So I took it out and have a look. This is the front cover.

This is the back cover.

So I close it back, this is the front cover of the CD album.

This is the back cover of the CD album.

So I zoom in to see all the song titles clearly. The forth song '박수' is their lead single song. It is very nice and energetic. You feel wanna dance, sing and clap with them when you listen to it. 

This is the name sticker, I just freaking love it. I wanna keep this in my drawer and to make sure I won't use it.

This is the random folding poster. This scene is just too freaking nice. This poster is 동생 team which means younger brother team. This team is full of talent ! ( I mean every single members of Seventeen are full of talent. ) That's why they want to make them self to be a self-producing idols. And instead of idol, they wanna to be artist. So I appreciate their songs so much.

I really admire so much of composers which appear as an idol on stage also. Let's me to give some examples, SHINee's Jong Hyun, B.A.P's Yong Guk, Seventeen's Woozi, BTS's Suga, GD and so on.. Too much of them Ha Ha.. 

I really admire Woozi because he is not only a composer but a producer too ! Most of Seventeen's songs are produced by him and also Bumzu. Woozi is one of the multi-talented artist I admire. So that's why I love K-pop idols because all kind of talented artists are there ! Can sing, dance, rap, do variety show, hosting, even producing and so on.

This is also one of the photo card I received.

This is the credit of Pledis Entertainment.

this is the random portrait desktop stand I received which is Dino ! Dino looks so cool. Dino is 막내 of the Seventeen. He is also very talented who also help in choreographing. Most of the choreography are made by Hoshi who is the leader of Performing Team.

So I made it to be a standee. Wow just can't describe how happy and love it I am.

Therefore, I opened the lyrics book. This is the first page and second page of it. First page is the menu and second page is the Intro which is a background music.

Here's come to the third page and forth page, third page is lyrics of Change Up which sang by all units team leader : S.Coups, Woozi and Hoshi. It is very cool !

Forth page is the third song : Without You, sang by all members. I love this song very much. I can feel so much love from them. After that, I did some research on it, I just knew that this song is actually written for the purpose of gratitude to Carats ( fandom name ) for keep supporting and loving them since before debut until now. It's really nice. Strongly recommended !

There's the video here you go ! 

Fifth page is the forth song which is lead single of the album '박수' sang by all members. As I mentioned above, this is also an very energetic song which wanna make you clap with them when they are performing this song on stage.

Sixth page is the song Nal Ssu Go Ga Ra which sang by Woozi and Hoshi. Well, I smell bromance (`・ω・´) By the way, I don't know what is the exact name of this song so I just wrote it in Romanized.

Next is the dance of 13 month ( i just translate it myself literally, not very sure is this English name correct or not. ) sang by performance team. One word to describe this song is SLAYEDDD !! Choreography, Song, Voice and Rap are too good and just freaking slay me !! I'm dead and resurrected again ( ̄▽ ̄)~*

After that is the next song : TRAUMA performed by Hip Hop unit. I love this song so much because of the lyrics. And actually this lyric is seemed to be quite depressed because this told about a person who got trauma since they might get bullied in school and very lonely. Only the music are their accompanies. Something like that.. In this song, they perform with quite sad feels, but on the stage they look so cool and swag and perform with so much swag feels. Hip Hop songs I much prefer the sad feels type song because I will feel touched or sometime will feel like sync with them when they try to deliver their feels through a good flow rapping. It is a kinf of very good communication with them.

Therefore, next one is my favorite song ! Pinwheel which performed by vocal team. As you know, vocal team so of course their voices are freaking pleasant. This song was fully written by Woozi. I still now can't imagine how pinwheel can inspire him to write very deep meaning lyrics. I just want to say this song is a masterpiece ! And the others members deliver all the lyrics very well. 

Next is flower sang by S.Coups, JeongHan, Wonwoo, The8, SeungKwan and also Dino. It is also very nice ヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

Next is Rocket which performed by US line : Joshua and Vernon ! It's also freaking nice !

Therefore next is hello which performed by Jun, Mingyu and Dokyeom. This song is actually they performed during Seventeen Project. Quite a nice song too. !

So, I share the video for you guys which represented as Seventeen C team to perform this song during Seventeen Project.

This is one of my favorite song - Campfire. Apart from healing, this song is also quite healing too. You will feel more relaxed when you listen to this song.

Last but not least is the Outro, which is also a music represented.

「divider gif tumblr」的圖片搜尋結果

Now I gonna introduce the booklet which I gonna appreciate this forever !

this is the booklet as I mentioned just now. Inside this booklet recorded their photo shots inside. If I'm not mistaken, those photo shots they filmed at US. I get these info from Going Seventeen ٩(๑>◡<๑)۶ 

Back cover of the booklet.

Show you guys the side of the booklet.

First page of the booklet.

Now here we go, let's see about our 꾳미남 S.Coups 형 ( I should call him 오빠 lol.
So He is the eldest of Seventeen. His birth date is 8th of August 1995. He is 3 years elder than me. He is the hip hop team leader as well as the whole team leader.It must be so much of burden he had to carry. He is also a best leader because he is a very caring person, taking care of  his younger members so much also as well as Carats too. He is also very talented. He is involved in writing almost all song lyrics. And I love his voice no matter it's rapping or singing. It's perfect.

Forgot to mention, his real name is Choi Seung Cheol. And he uses S.Coups represented as his stage name is due to S is representing Seung Cheol and Coups is for Coup d'etat. It means something like revolution.

Coups, why you do this to me ? you melt my hearteu ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ 

His brightest smile, he has a very sparking big eyes, and very long eyelashes. So it really attracts so much of girls. And his lips also damn attractive. So I think he has very good facial features. 

Goshhh I can't describe how handsome, cool, and cute he is ! Too hard to put in words. 

Next person I gonna introduce is Seventeen's gentlemen Joshua. Judging from his name, you might be guessing that is he English educated or something else. You are right, his nationality is American but a fully Korean.He born in LA,California,US. So of course he can speak fluent English. He is very cute and talented. If I'm not mistaken, he can speak some Spanish. He can play guitar and he is so handsome when he play it !

I talked too much =3= So as well as he is a fully Korean so he Korean name is Hong Jisoo. His birth date is 30th December 1995. He is the closest friend to Jeong Han during trainee life. No wonder he had learnt too much of bad things from Jeong Han hehe.. However, this show they are so close (ノ ̄▽ ̄) Again, he is a member of Vocal team, he has the sweet voice that I love so much.

Hellooooo Joshua, you put flowers on your head make me feels like you are prettier than that flower lol.ヾ(●´∀`●)  So cute indeed. One more 꾳미남 again. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

If let you choose, which one you gonna choose ? Left or right ?

Oppa is way too attractive, can you be my namchin? o(*////▽////*)q

My ultimate bias with my ultimate fav color !! Why Pledis can read my heart ? !!!∑(゚Д゚ノ)ノ
This is damn perfect combination. This boy attracts me so much. Kindness, evilness, handsomeness, sexiness, cuteness and too much characteristics to describe about him. It's too much.  

Okay, I should stop my fangirling. Let's introduce about him properly.(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ 
His full name is Yoon JeongHan. He is Seventeen's Angel. As I just now mentioned, his birthday is on 4th of October 1995 which stand for 1004 that it means angel at the time you read out the numbers in Korean. He is very angelic, this is acknowledged by other members. Although this boy sometime he appears his evil side to tease other members, what a naughty boy 罒ω罒 This boy also have a nickname which is lying Jeong Han, this boy is so lazy. He is easily to be caught when he is lying on floor during practice. So he has the weakest physical strength among 13 of them. ( Never mind, you got your Seung Cheol who has strongest physical strength He he he..

However, he is very caring. When members met some problems or difficulty, JeongHan always be their audience. And he will taking care of them nicely, bought them presents during members' birthday.

He has a very unique voice. Actually at first I didn't get used to listen this kind of voice but now it got me freaking appreciate his voice so much. And this boy improved a lot in his singing skill and it also goes to Joshua too. His voice actually remind me of Pentagon's E dawn. They have very unique voices and I'm really love it.

Look at this innocent and cute boy, he is the biggest cheater in South Korea.  ̄ω ̄=
Always cheat when went to variety show especially playing games =3= And when he always talk their members talk about his ultimate love for carats, the other members will start to think is this Hyeong start to tell lies again ? He he he.. he is very sincere lol why you all think your JeongHan hyeong as an very evil man d(´ω`*) And he is the one who likes to tease members the most  ̄ω ̄= but he still received so much of love from his dongsaeng. You know the power of an angel or 团宠 right ? 罒ω罒

that's why I love him so much (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~

One more go mi nam again, this Seventeen's quiet beauty boy Jun or Ice prince ~~ His name is 文俊辉, as I write in Chinese so it's right he is a Chinese ! He is from GuangZhou, ShenZhen, China, 中国广州深圳。So, he can also speak Cantonese well. This boy look alike with Super Junior's HeeChul. When they performed their SJ sunbaenim songs, I will be like why Hee Chul is in Seventeen (*/ω\*)

He is quite quiet during on the camera ( but behind the camera I don't think so (。-_-。) ) He is kind of narcissistic 罒ω罒 He can take so much of times for taking selfie. Ya, so he is the selfie master in Seventeen. Btw he is very handsome and well- looking. 

His birth date is on 10th of June 1996. He is a member of Performance team. His dancing skills are quite amazing, if I'm not mistaken he also can do some stunt like Nunchakus, Wushu something like Chinese stunts. I think some exo-l will be reminded of Tao right ?


This boy really good at capturing this kind of concept shots.

And he is not only handsome, but cuteness also slayeddd ヾ(=・ω・=)o

This cutie pie got me woahhh.. he is too cute as hamtaro (;≧Д≦)y Ok I have to stop. 
He is Seventeen's 10:10 Hoshi. Why he call himself as 10:10 is because of his eyebrows is curled like the hour hand and also minute hand are pointed to 2 and 10 respectively. He is the performance team leader, so he is the one who in charge of making choreography for most of Seventeen's songs.

He is too cute too cute. Especially when he smiles. I love his smile very much. 

His real name is Kwon Soon Young. He born in 15th of June 1996. So why he uses Hoshi as his stage name is because of '虎视眈眈(호시탐탐)', means he have a pair of sharp eyes as tiger when performing on stage. And in Japanese, Hoshi means stars.

This book is very cute. Adorable but also very talented. And he is also a very funny person in Seventeen. (๑>ڡ<)✿ 

Here come to the next one, Seventeen's Dokyeom. He born in 18th of February 1997. He is the main vocalist in Seventeen so he is the member of vocal team as well. His high note always got me goosebumps because his high note's key is too high, feel like he can always hit the high note until break the glass (^_−)☆ So, I hope he can take care of his throat. So afraid of him that he will hurt it (╥╯^╰╥)  especially the time during seventeen project erhmm the sunbaenim only praise Seung Kwan possess what a good vocalist should have. He is quite upset because the others didn't see his efforts. But you are a good vocalist also ! We see your efforts ! So that's why I admire you too !

This boy is quite funny also ! Especially when he pairs with Seung Kwan, sure I will dying of laughing. His smile is cute too. 

His real name is Lee Seok Min. Why he uses '도겸' as his stage name is because of “道兼” which literally translate from Korean means have to work and learn from different aspects in order to become a versatile artist.

And he is silly also, but also a very warm and kind man. So Carats need to show so much of love for him ya ~ (๑´ㅂ`๑) 

Here's come to Seventeen's visual, his name is Kim Mingyu. He is the tallest in Seventeen, and well-looking also. He born in 6th of April 1997. A member of Hip Hop unit. 

I think this might be ultimate bias for every Carats since he is really perfect. Visual, rapping, singing, and even cooking skills are perfect. Almighty man but sometime he quite clumsy haha.. Since he can do housework very well, so he got a nickname call Housewife Mingyu.

This boy although he got a pair of hands which can cook well, repair any spoiled stuffs and so on. But sometime these hands will also lose its effect. When he tried to pick some foods by chopstick, and it accidentally dropped it ミ゚Д゚彡 ( when I watched the variety show

When he is also the one who is the hardest to wake up. As I watch variety shows, members are quite complaining him a lot ( ̄ω ̄;)

But in our hearteu, he is still our best MinGyu, he is the ideal type of us tho. Please get me a namjachingu as him is enough ! ( it's way too greedy !!

Next is our Seventeen's Maknae Dino, he sometime call himself Dinosaur. A member of Performance Team. He born in 11th of February 1999. His real name is Lee Chan. The meaning of this real name is shining because his father hope his son can be a singer and now it's achieved ! Dino is used as stage name due to be a dinosaur on stage which means have the strong power of grasping the stage like dinosaur ! This is kind of special meaning.

Although he is maknae, but he is also full of talented. He admires Micheal Jackson so much. So he masters choreograph of Moon walk. It is freaking cool. Therefore, he not only can sing well but rap too. 

Everyone said that he is the most hardworking member among 13 of them. Therefore, your hard work also paid off ! When I watch One Fine Day, I think he is the best Japanese speaker in my opinion. Because he quite talk a lot Japanese for trying to communicate with citizens when camera is on.

So, his efforts make him shine bright on stage and our heart too.

This boy really need to let many of K-pop fans know. He is one of the composer, producer in K-pop industry that k-pop fans should know. This boy is too much talented. Well, his name is Woozi. Real name is Lee Ji Hoon. He is born in 22nd November 1996. The leader of Vocal Team.

The meaning of Woozi is meeting wisdom, means enjoying music with wisdom. ( No wonder he is full of talented. ) Therefore it is also a short form of 훈이 ( Our Woozi ~)

This boy produce most of the seventeen's songs. He wrote it, compose it and produce it. I never knew that Korean idols can be so almighty. He always cooperate with Bumzu to produce the perfect songs of Seventeen.

Such a powerful member, every members are very proud and respect him. Some of members stated that he is hardest one to get close with because of his personality is quite quiet, but after a long time to interact with each other, he is also very friendly member.

Here also goes to a cutie pie, 徐明浩 The8. A member of Performance team. This boy is also full of talented especially in B-boy and also Chinese stunts. Ya, he is also another Chinese, come from 中国辽宁省鞍山市. Born in 7th of November 1997.

The meaning of The8 as his stage name is because of 8 means lucky in China, and if when 8 is lying down, it will become a symbol of infinite, it's also means that he might be the one who possesses endless possibilities.

This boy is very cute, the way he speak, his face and everything he is cute. But I like to watch when he is quarreling with members or he is mad. ( What the ..?

Especially when he scold Hoshi ‘imma’ in Two Men Show, this got laugh until dying hahaha. freaking scary ~\(≧▽≦)/~啦啦啦 but this means that he is also good at performing variety show. Show his savage moment (๑´ㅂ`๑) 

Aside from his cuteness, he shine so bright on stage and freaking handsome when he performs. It is because he learn so much of stunts since young. Street dance, Wushu, Breaking, Singing and so on. So when he do the hardest movement during performance, it got me fangirling like crazy.

Because of that, he also be the so much of fangirls' bias.

Here comes to my happy go lucky man who always bring joyful and so much fun to Seventeen. He called as moodmaker in Seventeen. His name is Boo Seung Kwan,he share same age with me,born in 16th of January 1998. Member of  Vocal Team, main vocalist same as Dk.

This boy, he is funny, really funny. So he is always the one who made my day. His specialty is the acting of foreign disaster movies. HAHAHAHAHA... that videos always make me laugh so hard. And he is also very timid, I watch some videos which captured his timid moments also got me laugh damn hard until I got my vest line tho hahaha.. So he is the one who is the best variety show performer among 13 of them. I think he is not only an artist but a comedian too hahaha..

His real name means success and wide literally, but deeply means successful person with tolerant. He is also very kind, caring person. He loves his mum so much, a good son. Always proud of to be son of his mum. He is also very sensual. Easily crying when he feel touched, have a soft heart.

He also have incredible singing skills, his voice also freaking manly. His high note also got me feel like Wow, you are freaking awesome man. He can deliver all the feelings through his voice as well as Dk. His voice and Dk are the best combination.

Visual of the Seventeen again, judging from his face,his got some western feel. It's right, another US member, Vernon. He born in New York city but move to Korea when he is 5 years old. Yeah, so he is mix blood. His father is Korean while his mother is American. No wonder he got so exquisite facial features. His birth date is 18th of February 1998. His real name is Choi Han Sol or Hansol Vernon Chwe. Member of Hip Hop team..

Vernon is used as his stage name which is his mother's sir name, also is his middle name. The meaning behind Choi Han Sol is wide and leader literally.

He is also quite a talented rapper, in order to improve himself he even join SMTM. I think there is the most cruel Korean TV programs I ever watched so far. Verbal attacking .. and I just remember that Vernon is so young at that age, how much he had endured from those critique of other mighty underground rappers. But he is still very calm to face it. 

But now he become a member of Seventeen, also show his talents by writing lyrics for some 17's songs. So I know that he improve a lot and learn so much of things from SMTM. Although it might get traumatized, but it's really a good chance for him to explore there are so many strong rappers in underground. So he can learn the flow, delivery or many kind skills of the rapping from them.

But he is now perfect. Good visual with good rapping skills and even can sing well. It's freaking cool and awesome. 

Last but not least, it's Seventeen's bag of luck - Jeon Won Woo. He is also the visual of Seventeen. Everyone thinks that he is ice prince but actually he is very kind man. He stated maybe it's his sharp eyes make him look like he quite cold. But fans don't afraid, he is very warm !

A member of hip hop team. He born in 17 of July 1996. ( so many 7 represented (*´・v・)
The meaning of his name is to treat others with tolerance.

So I love his voice since I really attracted by super attractive, magnetic, emotional and deepest voice especially for male rappers. There is also got a female rapper possess these characteristics who is Giant Pink ( This is too extra ! ) So I freaking love TRAUMA this song. Wonwoo deliver it so freaking well !!! Wonwoo not only slay me on rapping part but singing part also. He always sing when goes to Karaoke but he sing so well. Why they all can sing so well ...

This man also freaking funny when filmed One Fine Day. He is the one who bullied Hoshi during One Fine Day.╭(╯^╰)╮ So pity for Hoshi but also funny at the same time. They like to bully each other but they are very close friend. I love their friendship (。’▽’。)♡

「divider gif tumblr」的圖片搜尋結果
So here comes to the part which is the words for the Carats who bought this. Since I'm very lazy, so I gonna find some translation from website. But unfortunately it's really hard to find it I don't know why ╮(╯﹏╰)╭ only a few I can find, so never mind. I just post this first. After that I will updated again.

Thank you to Carats who are everything for us. I love you.
It maybe the case in every album,but this album was prepared for you guys as well.

現在大家都活在各自疲倦的人生裡吧? 偌大的舞台,熱烈的吶喊聲,巨大的愛,收到了這些過量的東西,也對自己有了“我能夠 成為這樣的人嗎”的懷疑。
 這些在心裡發酵的情感,也有能夠透過歌詞,能簡單表現的時候,因為想和克拉們共有這 樣的心情,哪怕只是一句話,也想讓大家能感覺到更加嶄新的我,所以也相當的去努力。 事實上,用行動來表現這樣的事,做不到的時候有更多呢。
 讓我這個人,這個個體能夠總是走在對的路上好好成長的,是在我身邊引導我的親愛的家 人 媽媽 爸爸 弟弟小赫 還有成員們。
 “我的今天是怎麼樣的生活,我對我的生活有什麼樣的期待”,想向克拉們傳達這樣的心 情。
大家現在不論是學業上,準備大學入學或是準備就職,或已經是過著職場生活的人,從最 一開始,在尋找著我的夢想是什麼的克拉們!常常跟我一起苦惱著,我以後也會以成為可 靠的樑柱為目標,更加努力的。
還有一直以來,總是用美麗的歡呼聲來迎接我們的存在,謝謝你們。 今天也辛苦了,克拉。

,也要常洗手!! 比起擔心我,爸媽能先關心你們自己就好了。以後也會成為以健康又幸
福的面貌來盡孝道的兒子,愛你們 (我們妹妹~~!!要聽爸媽的話,你一定也要像哥哥一樣

那麼 玟奎的 THANKS TO~結束
想念我們97line的朋友們。你們加油 我也加油
還有 或許正想著”沒有我欸”的幾位,就就算這裡沒有提到也 知道我是愛你們的吧?愛


Lastly, last page is the credit.

So I finished my teen age album unbox blogging, thanks for reading. Love you guys. (。’▽’。)♡